Weekly Group Practices - Qi Benzhi

Deepen your practice, find the beautiful life that you deserve!

Weekly practice with Teacher Xi and Teacher Sun.


Are you looking for

  • Deepen your practices?
  • Open your consiousness or to observe it more deeply?
  • You like to experience deeper understanding of your body and mind energy?
  • Recovering from illness or discomfort?
  • Or just looking for a way to achieve a higher level of health?
  • Exercises to support you to recover from illness or discomfort
  • …….Any other reason you feel where Zhineng Qigong can support you.

Online group practice
In order to improve the overall good health level and to enhance physical permeability and emotional stability to transform all challenges in daily life.
In these practices the practice has the main focus; to improve our life vitality through in-depth Zhineng Qigong Practice. This practice is co-led by Teacher Xi and Teacher Sun.

-The practice will be recorded and opened to use in support of your daily practice. Every recording is available till next class. Recordings are in English.

Practices that promote healing:

  • Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa (Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down)
  • San Xin Bing Zhan Zhuang (Three Centres Merge Standing Form)
  • Xing Shen Zhuang (Body-Mind Form)
  • Sounds and Mudras
  • Qi-field healing
  • La Qi (Pulling Qi)
  • Rou Fu etc…
Deep practice to vitalise HunYuan Qi of the body & organs, strengthen & heal & balance your own body and mind.

Teacher Sun (Saturdays)

Tune your body, mind and spirit to clear health blockages

The program starts the first Saturday of every month, lasts 1 or 3 months

-Level 1, Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa

-Three Centers Merge San Xin Bing Zhan Zhuang
-Level 2- Xing Shen Zhuang

Level 1 The purpose is to help smooth the connection between human and nature’s qi, and to strengthen the hunyuan qi merging and transforming in the body’s membrane in order to help change the function of opening and closing the body’s life activities into normal.
Three centers merge meditation The practice can quickly strengthen the inner qi to transforming the clumsy force and various blockages of the whole body and to norishning a vibrant life as an entirety.
Level 2 This method is an important practice to help merge with consciousness and physical body into one, so that inside the body is filled with hunyuan qi, which is unobstructed reach through all levels of skins, muscles, tendons, meridians and bones, so that they become one. And It is very effective in correcting body shape, opening up inner space, strengthening the whole body, improving wisdom and enhancing healing.



Teacher Xi ( Wednesdays)


Shift your body from Dis-ease with sounds healing

The program starts the first Wednesday of every month, lasts 1 or 3 months


-Sound Healing
-Sounds practice of the inner organs, level 3 sounds and more.

With combined help from Zhineng Qigong Sounds, chanting and the pure Qi Field of Teacher Xi, you will be able to transform deeply your life. This sound practice work deeply on the emotions bringing stability using your own natural vibration. Intensive sounds practice allows the vibrational frequencies of sounds to penetrate directly to the cellular level, affecting the body and creating instantaneous changes that cause the body to rapidly produce the various hormones and enzymes needed to maintain homeostasis, strengthen your qi within all body systems. This allows for the rapid adjustment of the overall balance of life.
Teacher Xi is worldwide wellknows for his very special Sounds classes/practices/healings. Anyone who joined Teacher Xi previous Sounds practices know  how effective his sounds practices are.
Also if just learned recently  some sounds, you will enjoy learning more and more during these deep amazing sound practices
Very Joyful practices!!!



Teacher Sun and Teacher Xi guide 2 practices/week each to cover all timezones all over the world.
Teacher Sun: 
Saturday 2-3 pm Beijing Time
Teacher Xi:
Wednesday 2-3 pm Beijing Time
Find your own time zone: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Little note:
1 Month group practice: Depending on when a new month starts, a new month group practice program starts on the 1st Monday or on the 1st Wednesday or on the 1st Saturday of the new month.
3 Months group practice program: Same but then the group practices continues for 3 months. 

-The practice will be recorded and opened to use in support of your daily practice. Every recording is available till next class


You have option to join per month, per 3 months.
Per month: USD55,- /Teacher
3 months :  USD140,-/Teacher


Send an email to: 
info@qibenzhi.com or hylt93@163.com