Solstice Practice - Qi Benzhi

Summer Solstice (Xiazhi) & Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) Practice

Summer Solstice (22 June) & Winter Solstice (22 December)

These two days be called the summer solstice respectively with solstice.

Summer Solstice (Xiazhi) generally occurs around June 21st when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 90 degree. This solar term marks the longest daytime in the North Hemisphere, after which the sun gradually moves towards the South Hemisphere, this decreasing the daytime and increasing the nighttime. Summer Solstice welcomes hot season when all things are experience the most vigorous growth.

In the Gregorian calendar, Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) usually begins around December 22nd when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 270 degree. On Winter Solstice, the direct sunlight is on the Tropic of Capricorn, which indicates the shortest day and longest night in the north hemisphere and also the beginning of the coldest days.After Winter Solstice, the position of direct sunlight gradually moves northward, which indicates that the days in the northern hemisphere gradually lengthen.

Around the Winter Solstice yang begins to grow in the body and needs protection. It would be very good to practice together in the qi field on this day with qigong practitioners from all over the world.

The start of a new season always carries the energy of a new beginning.

In this solstice practice with Teacher Xi, Teacher Xi  guides us through a deep practice where in the information of the Winter as well the Summer solstice merge together to one new wonderful healing and supportive information; We ARE one!!!

Here in the northen Hemisphere the winter solstice is perfect for reflecting on our journeys throughout the past year and visualizing our next steps as we enter into a new one.
In the southern Hemisphere we have the summer solstice at the same time; a wonderful time for us to manifest our desires and expand our horizons,”

Join this practice to reflect, to get clear what are the next steps and to manifest your desires; Xin Xiang Shi Cheng, What you wish you will receive.


Date: 22 Dec & 21 June

Time: 9PM-10 PM Beijing time.
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