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Masterclass Five Hunyuan Form


Saturday June 3  & Sunday June 4 



Masterclass FREE 2-day workshop

Saturday June 3  & Sunday June 4, 

Discover the transformative power of the FIVE HUNYUAN FORM

  Experience and enjoy the transformative power of level three of Zhineng Qigong “Five Hunyuan Form” in this FREE ONLINE  Zoom Class. 
Experience by yourself how practicing the combinations of it’s movements, sounds, mudras and emotions let the inner organs qi to heal the problems of the inner organs, to balances emotions and resolves emotional blockages.

Teacher Xi and teacher Sun introduce briefly the basics, where after we will get guided into a deep and amazing practice.
Relax, recharge, heal, balance emotions, transform and go beyond your limitations, enjoy manifesting your deepest desires!!!

Connected heart to heart, mind to mind in the Zhineng Qigong Qi field for a happy and healthy life!


Have you ever wondered how to recapture the levels of energy and enthusiasm you had in your youth?

Five Hunyuan Form has been created to work on the inner organs and body systems at a profound and deep level.

Knowing that the world as well as our bodies consist of frequency, Qi and information this revolutionary holistic self- treatment aims at raising the frequeny, gathering Qi into the body and changing the information.
Our organs store a lot of unprocessed emotions which may cause blockages, malfunction and diseases. Different from Western medicine that focuses on treating the symptoms, we simply open up spaces in the body so that the stuck life force can flow like fresh, clear water again.

Five Hunyuan Form consists of a smart combination of special sound for each organ as well as mudras and movements.
Anyone who wants to stay healthy, balanced and young and anyone who wants to improve their health is invited to learn more about this method that has proven to be successful with a great many diseases, even so- called incurable ones.  

The gentle and graceful movements, mudra and it’s sounds of the Five Hunyuan Form have the power to uplift you in every way you can imagine. 

Allow youreself to be amazed by this practice, flush out blockaged and reinvigorate your energy flow throughout your system. Emotions balanced, feel how fear, anxiety, fatigue, stagnations melting away like snow in the sunshine and experience replenished levels of clarity and aliveness.  
Keeps you fresh, flexible, joyful, balanced in a harmonious state.


Enjoy the benefits: 

  • – feel energetic and balanced
  • – feel hat your general level of fitness increases without hard physical training
  • – uncomfortable feelings in your guts disappear
  • – cancer cells and tumors may disappear as the body gets new information through sounds, movement and a profound change of consciousness
  • – you feel like your whole body is refreshed and renewed on a cellular level
  • – Joy and love for life appear and your sense of connectedness to a greater wisdom is growing.



Saturday June 3,   07:00 – 8.30 PM Beijing Time,   (GMT +8.00 )
Sunday June 4,  1:00 – 2.30 PM Bejing Time, (GMT +8.00)

We look forward to you joining us!