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recordings Enjoy a healthy Spleen and Stomach workshop


Recordings Spleen and Stomach workshop

Even the live online workshop is over, you still can purchase the recordings, which stay available, to use for your daily practice.
In the Qi-Field we are always connected.

Price: €75  Recordings
Language: English


Recordings Spleen and Stomach workshop

Topic:  The important roles of the spleen and stomach.
The spleen and stomach digest food and transport liquid and ‘grain qi’ in the human body. The body’s yang qi is generated by the synergistic work of the spleen and stomach. The spleen is the link that helps the other four inner organs establish effective connections. If the spleen and stomach are dysfunctional, their condition will.

Even the live online workshop is over, you still can purchase the recordings, which stay available, to use for your daily practice.
In the Qi-Field we are always connected.

Price: €75  Recordings
Language: English


The importance of the spleen and stomach in the body

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are the root of after-birth and the source of qi and blood. the nutrient processing plant that maintains the normal activities of the body and the internal organs that transport it.

Each of the zang organs is structurally and functionally connected to and paired with a fu organ by the meridian system, forming an organic whole, the spleen is the zang organs and the stomach is the fu organs. They depend on and interrelate with each other and have their own characteristics.

The stomach is responsible for receiving and the spleen is responsible for transporting and transforming; they work together to make the body’s qi and blood flowing well.


What are the effects of imbalance in the function of the spleen and stomach on the body?

If the function of the spleen and stomach is out of balance, the body’s primordial qi will be reduced and will not be able to nourish the whole body, and the body will suffer from various diseases.

The spleen transforms qi and transports it around our body. If the spleen is weak, the qi can’t move and we may feel lethargic. This lack of movement can also cause our limbs to lack nourishment and become weak or our digestive functioning to become impaired Treating the spleen can strengthen our energy and restore our vitality.

The spleen controls the blood and keeps it in the blood vessels. If the spleen is weak the blood will leak from the blood vessels, which may cause bleeding symptoms, such as menstrual bleeding, bruising or blood in the urine or stools.

The body fluids are transported around the body by the spleen qi and must be kept in the correct balance. If our spleen qi is deficient it can’t move the fluids,which in turn can congeal and produce dampness in the body. This can cause us to put on weight, which can be difficult to lose. We can also feel tired and heavy, find it difficult to concentrate and feel cloudy in our head. Treatment can strengthen the spleen’s ability to move fluids. This can clear the dampness and remedy the situation.

Do I need to know about the spleen and stomach to treat diseases of other internal organs?

The spleen and the other four organs have a very close relationship and influence. When the spleen and stomach are ill, they can often affect other organs, and when other organs are ill, they can also affect the spleen and stomach. By regulating the spleen and stomach and restoring their digestive and absorption functions so that the source of Qi and blood is not exhausted, the diseases of other internal organs will tend to improve or even be cured.


I have not been able to control my emotions well since the COVID-19, would it help to regulate my emotions by adjusting my spleen and stomach functions?

Not only are the five organs deeply intrinsically related and influenced by each other in terms of function and structure, they are also very closely related to each other in terms of emotion. Each organ has its own emotions, and under normal circumstances they are basically in balance, but it is difficult for people to live in the world without being stimulated by external things. When people are stimulated by external information their emotions can instantly lose their balance, and when emotions are generated at the same time toxins are produced in the body, and over time the body can suffer from different degrees of illness.

The spleen plays a strong coordinating and supporting role in adjusting the emotions of the other four organs, so whether you feel fear or dread, worry, anxiety, anger, etc. will be changed and enhanced by adjusting the function of the spleen.

And by adjusting the function of the spleen and stomach can effectively help to eliminate any adverse reactions or after-effects in the body due to COVID-19 afterwards.


Who can attend the Spleen and Stomach online workshop? How effective can I get by attending?

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to improve their own health or help their family and friends (including all types of sub-healthy people and cancer patients), except for people with mental illness.( Mental illness refers specifically to people who have lost conscious control of themselves and who often lose their mind and engage in disruptive behaviour.)

By attending this workshop at least the following results will be achieved:

  1. Learning important ways to regulate the function of the spleen and stomach allows for the efficient practice of body movement and sound healing in everyday life under the unity of consciousness.
  2. you will experience an improvement in spleen and stomach function through 3 days of intensive practice
  3. you can help and guide others around you to regain their health
  4. enhance your digestive function and improve your sleep quality
  5. receive healing energy and information in the qi field to achieve some therapeutic effect or healed
  6. learn to regulate emotions and effectively improve emotional disturbances
  7. To help reduce or eliminate adverse reactions and sequelae in people who have had the COVID-19 virus


Can you list some specific names of diseases related to the spleen and stomach?

Of course, but when you see these names while please giving health information, because healing is everywhere, the best healing for Zhineng qigong medicine is in every positive moment.

Severe anaemia, Gastric prolapse, liver stagnation, gastric ulcer, post-prandial distension, insomnia, diabetes, premature ejaculation and seminal emission in men, uterine prolapse, stroke, vertigo, facial paralysis, facial twitching, impotence, Premature Ejaculation in Men, Various gastric diseases (superficial gastritis, chronic gastritis, gastric sinusitis, atrophic gastritis, erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric bleeding and acute enteritis, colitis, constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases.)

Dizziness, memory loss, myocardial ischemia, cerebral hypoxia; neurasthenia, insomnia; immune deficiency, anaemia, hyperlipidaemia, hypermucinaemia, lipoma, myasthenia gravis, gastroptosis, uterine prolapse, eczema, scanty menstruation with dripping or delayed menstruation, Infertility, etc.

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