Recordings of the 5 Months 5 Body system Deep Healing workshops - Qi Benzhi

Recordings of the 5 Months 5 Body system Deep Healing workshops


recordings of the 5 Months Pure Consciousness Deep Healing workshops
-Immune System
Nervous System
Spleen and Stomach
Respiratory System
Genitourinary System


5 Months Pure Consciousness Deep Healing

–Direct, focused and highly effective healing for many diseases

The recordings of the 5 months Pure consioussness deep healing workshops are now available.

  • Detailed schedule for each topic
    Each topic contents recordings of 3 day session, 2 hours for per session, 5 month total 15 sessions and 30 hours.


If you really want to create healing miracles
If you really want to improve the quality of life
If you really believes that you can change deeply
Your life can become better through Zhineng Qigong


We believe that life always getting better and becomes more free…


Workshops information:


  1. Immune System

Topic: How can improve immunity quickly and comprehensively through Zhineng qigong practice?
Zhineng Qigong practice helps practitioners greatly improve the functioning of their immune system, which is the foundation for healing all illness.
This course will provide an overview of how to quickly improve the immune system, along with in-depth practice, to help participants understand how to practice effectively in their daily life.


  1. Nervous System

Topic: The influence of the nervous system on our life activities
The Zhineng Qigong medical view is that many diseases are closely connected to the nervous system. In order to treat illness through Zhineng Qigong practice, it is important to have a proper understanding of the relationship between our nervous system and the rest of our body.
This very useful course is especially valuable for those suffering from neurological diseases.


  1. Spleen and Stomach

Topic:  The important roles of the spleen and stomach.
The spleen and stomach digest food and transport liquid and ‘grain qi’ in the human body. The body’s yang qi is generated by the synergistic work of the spleen and stomach. The spleen is the link that helps the other four inner organs establish effective connections. If the spleen and stomach are dysfunctional, their condition will.


  1.  Respiratory System

Topic: Improve the lungs capacity and functions, to strengthen the lungs.
To describe the very close relationship between them, Chinese medicine says the lungs are the mother of the kidneys. The health of each greatly influences the other. Through qigong practice we can strengthen the lungs and protect the kidneys.


  1.  Genitourinary System

Topic: How to quickly activate and enhance yang qi in the body.
Yang qi refers to our innate vitality and also the function of reproduction. Chinese people often compare this to an oil lamp: as long as there is sufficient oil the lamp will always be on, but when the ‘oil’ runs out, life ends.
Through Zhineng Qigong practice we can effectively cultivate our innate qi to benefit the whole body.


  • Course features and values

1) Be guided in a focused state to profound healing
2) Practice simple methods, going deeper and deeper
3) Mobilize consciousness to focus your healing power
4) An emphasis on the importance of daily practice
5) Short, in-depth courses that help participants understand the essentials of Zhineng Qigong therapy, and that provide guidance for a healthier life.

Xin Xiang Shi Cheng