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Qi Benzhi Online Course

 Zhineng Qigong Intensive Healing with Teacher Xi and Sun

Awakening to infinite vitality in Spring

3 Month 21 sessions / 2 hours

DATES: 4 Feb-29 April, 2023
TIME: 8pm-10pm Beijing time
PRICE: € 525.00

Feb: 4/5,   Feb 11, Feb 18, Feb 25/26
March: 4/5, March 11, March 18/19, March 21, March 25/26
April: 1, April 8/9, April 15, April 22/23, April 29

This course is suitable for everyone who is interested in Qigong healing. 

This is one of the our most popular and favorite Zhineng Qigong course.

The course is based on Qigong Hunyuan Medicine, which is a part of Zhineng Qigong Science Hunyuan Entirety Theory, a holistic understanding that human beings, nature and society are indivisible.

Hunyuan Medicine recognizes that our state of health is influenced by yin and yang, the five elements, the six qi, and the seven emotions.
Our vital life activities are affected by the changing seasons, with our whole body responding, externally and internally. This includes the five internal organs, our limbs and bones throughout our body.
The course is an in-depth healing process based on this understanding.
It works by using our consciousness to directly alter the tissues of human life.
By fully using our own abilities, guided by Teacher Xi and Sun, we gather universe qi to directly change the time and space structure of diseased qi along with its surrounding qi field. The opening, closing, gathering and dispersing functions of the place being treated then
work effectively, and illness disappears.

Our course aim is to help people rapidly become their own healers, mastering the scientific prevention of disease. This also means we can help others, quickly relieving the pain of disease, speeding up their healing process and improving their health.

In early spring, when everything starts to awaken and grow with the rise of yang energy, human bodily yang energy begins to rise.
This is the best time to heal and nourish the liver, since the balance state of the liver directly affects the functioning of other internal organs and of the whole body.

How can we nourish the liver during this season of growth and development in response to the changing of seasons?
We developed a healing programme, based on the characteristics of spring changes; for the kidneys to support the liver.
In Chinese medicine there is a saying that the relationship between the liver and kidneys is that “the liver and kidneys share the same source”. The liver is the son of the kidneys and the kidneys are the mother of the liver. so we should use the kidneys to support the liver for deeper healing of the whole body.

We will share with you the wisdom of nourishing the liver in accordance with the principles of Spring.
These are based on the notion of “sheng”, and on the characteristics of spring’s yang energy and the sprouting of all things.
It includes diet,
lifestyle, emotions, exercise, etc. so as to support the liver’s qi to transform into a balanced state.
This will be the first time some of these methods are shared internationally.
This course also enhances an experience of stillness, peace and quietness in your mind.

Benifitis of this course:

– Helps increasing vitality in the body
– Develops better Qi and blood circulation
– Repair of peripheral and central nerves
– Enhancing the essence qi of the inner organs
– Helps relaxing and openning inner space the body
– Increases joints and ligaments flexibility
– Develops self-awareness, balance, perseverance and discipline
– Treats all types of illnesses (including emotional, physical and post-coronavirus)
– Gives you a sense of purpose and direction in life
– Improve the quality of our consciousness
– Develop the ability to use universe qi to enhance our life activities
– Deep healing, transforming a diseased qi field into a healthy one
– Use pure consciousness to directly improve the opening, closing, gathering, dispersing and transforming functions of hunyuan qi to be in a balanced state
– Rapidly improves any aspect of their immune functions
– Effectively improve their quality of life
– Quickly improve mental to positive state
– People who have been suffering from various chronic diseases for a long time
– No mental support and inner anxiety
– Have not been helped much by other treatment methods
– Patients with all kinds of cancer and tumors
– Want to get a state of inner freedom
– People who often feel angry, even about trivial things
– People who lack passion and confidence in life
– People suffering from various liver diseases (e.g. hepatitis, liver cancer, liver dysfunction)
– People with diseases of the urinary system, reproductive system, nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system, eyes, etc.
You will build strength and stamina both physically and mentally
– You will experience connection to something greater than yourself
– By Zhineng Qigong practice you will feel more empowered to make decisions in your life.
Want to become an effective healer.

You get to learn and understand more about Qigong, Zhineng Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The main contents of the course:

  1. Theories

▪ Traditional Chinese medicine in relation to spring changes
▪ The influence of yin and yang, the five elements and the six qi on human life activities
▪ The causes of disease and healing solutions
▪ Theories and healing perspectives related to consciousness
▪ The techniques and methods of effective healing
▪ Adjust and transform emotions through the five elements

  1. Methods

▪ In-depth practice of highly effective qigong methods for deep healing
▪ In-depth practice of the liver and kidneys sounds to transform inner blockages
▪ In-depth practice of breathing methods for deep healing
The most extraordinary mantra: Hunyuan Shen Mantra
▪ Chen Qi practice (the third of the Eight Methods of qi practice, that helps the whole body qi become abundant and transforms deep inside), also called Stretching Qi
▪ La Qi practice (the fourth of the Eight Methods of qi practice, to help transform qi more deeply inside so as to nourish the whole body), also called Open and Close or Pulling Qi
▪ Guanqi Jian Shen Method: this is a very effective set of methods developed specifically for nourishing the liver functions; this is the first time it has been taught to practitioners outside China.

About the teachers:

The two teachers; Xi Xiaofeng  and Sun Yu , both graduated from the two-year teacher training class of Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center.
They have been practicing Zhineng qigong for more than 30 years each and have extensive experience in teaching and healing, teaching tens of thousands of students all over the world.

Heart to heart, Mind to mind, Information to information!
Hun Yuan Ling Tong
Xin Xiang Shi Cheng