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Retreat Spain.

(Retreat organized by our dear Qi Benzhi organizer Luise Kohl-Hajek)

Embrace, Enjoy & Celebrate

A Five -Magical- Days Retreat with three teachers – Liu Jianshe, Zou Ping and Luise Kohl-Hajek

Date: Nov 4th- 9th, 2022
Every moment of our life is here to be fully accepted, embraced and celebrated in its own way.
Life is a gift!
In this workshop we focus on experiencing the precious, joyful present moments- one by one.
If we trust, even the worst situations will turn out in our favour! We can experience this as soon as we stop wanting to control the outcome of any situation.
Gaining new energy, strength and healing in the strong Qifield created by three experienced teachers is awaiting you.
Exploring your own inner peace, beauty and your passion and power to create and manifest is something that we will embark on.
The Spanish sunshine and the magic of a beautiful place will add to the experience and help you to transform your life and gather new vigour, joy and momentum.

Information and registration:
Luise Kohl-Hajek, Honiggasse 3,
34576 Homberg, Germany
Mobile: +49 1738564632

Dubai: Feb 2023?

Zhineng Qigong retreat in Dubai

The purpose is to give people in every corner of the world the opportunity to get in touch with Zhineng qigong and benefit from knowing the basic theories and methods of Zhineng qigong…
A Zhineng Qigong-healer/healing retreat, combination with free time activities, to discover this beautiful metropol.


  • Feb 2023 if traveling for teacher Xi will be possible.