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Energize yourself in the creative flow of qi with two world well known experts Xi Xiaofeng and Sun Yu.

Let yourself experience the joy of practicing Hunyuan Form ( 3th method) also called Wu Yuan Zhuang, and feel how the movements, its sounds and mudra’s can improve your wellbeing, your health and vitality. To promote resilience and creativity and meet yourself on a deeper level.

Each unique retreat consists of dynamic Zhineng Qigong, Zhineng Qigong breathwork/sounds and Zhineng Qigong meditation.
Even each retreat main topic is Hunyuan Form, Method 3, each retreat will be different due to different approach of the 3th method.
Experience the living demonstration of the creative flow of qi, let teacher Xi Xiaofeng, Sun Yu and the local teachers inspire and energize you.
Experience the beautiful collaboration, the joy and spontaneous approach through their teachings and practice. Also enjoy the informal dialogue and Q&A time.
And above all, experience the deep JOY in all that is.

Whether you are just starting to explore qigong, or have been practicing for years, this summer program will supercharge your sense of aliveness and enthusiasm as you align the energy of body, mind and heart.

The practices require no equipment and can be done by anyone in any physical condition. No previous experience is necessary.

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We are looking very much forward to welcoming you this summer in our live events!
Hun Yuan Ling Tong
Xin Xiang She Cheng
Xi Xiaofeng, Sun Yu and local teacher/organizers

If you don’t change direction, you may ending you are heading
Lao Tzu

Wu Yuan Zhuang (3rd method)

A healthy life is not just about what you eat, what you drink, what medicines and health methods you use, and health is not simply the absence of disease or infirmity.

The main objective of this course is to share the key to physical and mental health through the practice of Wu Yuan Zhuang.
You will learn to base what you see, hear, think and feel in your life on the practice of Wu Yuan Zhuang.
You will have a complete and structured learning of the management of stress and emotions.

This retreat will aim to strengthen the functions of the spleen-pancreas to transport nourishing Qi and to regulate – harmonize the other internal organs to create a stable and equanimous emotional state.
Results: the depressive states disappear and the illnesses dissipate.

Let yourself fall in love with the magical environment of Allegria in Bajardo!!!!

Information and registration Italy retreat:
Mobile: +33 607 6535 65

When there is silence, one finds the anchor of the universe within onself
Lao Tzu

28 Aug-4 Sept
Power of Creation
5/6 Sept
Intensive Healing with Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong retreat in Hessen / Gemany
28 Aug- 4 Sept

Use this summer to remind yourself of your power of creation, to strengthen your body and mind.

A retreat with two world-renowned Chinese Zhineng Qigong masters Xi and Sun, and two internally-known experienced coaches and teachers from the West, Luise and Carin

If you like to discover and to immerse yourself more deeply into the powerful methods of Zhineng Qigong with the highly effective sounds, movements and mudras of the Five Hunyuan form ( level 3) and other Zhineng Qigong methods, come on a journey with us! Besides, there will be some specially tailored amazing activities to explore your wise, intuitive potential.

What you can expect:

Intensive Healing with Zhineng Qigong 5&6 September

Two days of Intensive Healing with Xi Xiaofeng, Sun Yu, Carin Huibers and Luise Kohl-Hajek

  • Individual and small group guidance and Qi healing. 
  • Heart- centered sharing and listening.
  • Identifying personal blockages and self-defying belief patterns.
  • Accepting, forgiving and releasing 
  • How to move on- mobilizing the Qi, mobilizing the heart, naturally finding a new start
  • Optional: Get further support after the Intensive Healing Days

No matter if you have a physical issue, emotional or maybe you are stucked in a repeating situation, let these 2 days support …..

If this Intensive Healing Workshop has your interest, we recomment not to wait to long for registration since it concerns workshop for a SMALL group; limiting spaces available.

Information and registration Germany retreats:
Luise Kohl-Hajek,
Mobile: +49 1738564632

28 Aug – 4 Sept Power of creation ( Five HunYuan Form -3th methode)
5 & 6 Sept Intensive Healing with Zhineng Qigong

What the caterpillar calls the end,
the rest of the wold calls a butterfly

Lao Zhe

Healing your body by healing your emotions
Third Level of ZhìNéng QìGōng

ZhìNéng QìGōng retreat in Teruel / Spain with teacher Xi and teacher Sun and Marie Xinlán
12 to 20 August

Learn the greatest method Dr. Pang has given us for healing our emotions.

Discover how by healing our emotions we naturally heal our body.

A retreat with two world-renowned Chinese Zhineng Qigong masters – Xi and Sun. With one highly experienced local ZhìNéng QìGōng teacher Marie XīnLán

The main purpose of this retreat is to free ourselves from negative emotions that create blockages in our bodies and minds. The third level of ZhìNéng QìGōng is the most effective tool for transcending all our old emotions by moving our bodies like cranes, working with our voices, making mudras with our hands and most importantly: harnessing the power of consciousness.

The third level of ZhìNéng QìGōng is so beautiful that you’ll fall in love with it and experience peace like never before.

Information and registration Spain retreat:
Marie Xinlan
WhatsApp: +34 686729002

12 to 20 August