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09 Nov 2023 Blog

   Travel and Healing Retreat in Inner Mongolia, China

Transformation in the boundless Hulunbuir Grasslands

19 June – 9 July 2024 (21 days) 

We invite you to the vast Hulunbuir grasslands to make your life more beautiful. In this period of turmoil, this is a journey to –

  • Open your heart, to awaken inner peace and joy
  • Explore the traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and culture
  • Experience deep healing in nature
  • Transform all your anxiety, stress, inner fears and insecurity

Everyone’s heart has their own grassland: it’s wide and open, vast and boundless; its beauty makes your heart open to find inner truth; with clear rivers, blue skies of limitless energy, white clouds, flowers in bloom, Mongolian yurts, cattle, sheep and horses, primeval forests, wetlands and starry skies… and also original Mongolian culture, Mongolian folk music (the magical throat singing (khoomei), string instruments, and the melodious Mongolian ‘chang diao’). Everything here touches your heart and seems full of legends.

We welcome you to join us to experience one of the most beautiful grasslands in the world. It’s a place to truly open your heart, heal, relax, and calm your body and mind.

Contents of the healing course

  • Learn Zhineng Qigong medical theory and healing methods.
  • Vanquish negative emotions that impact your health.
  • Discover the power of thought thattransforms inner blockages and restlessness.
  • Receive thepure energy of heaven and earth through unifying with nature.
  • Change your field of consciousness to healyour body and mind.
  • Learn to inhabit your own carefree safe space.
  • Build qigong thinkinghabits to live life more positively.
  • Three days silent fasting to purify your bodyand
  • Teachers will offer individual healing guidance to each participant.
  • Receive healing from the teachers,and group qi field healing.


  • 19 June: Teachers will pick up you from Hailar International Airport (HLD) and bring you to our hotel. We will spend two full days in Hailar, with qigong practice and a chance to wander around the city.
  • 22 June: From Hailar we take a bus to Moergele River Scenic Area (about 1 hour).This area is known as the cradle of Chinese nomadic culture, the most beautiful grassland in the world, and Moergele River is the soul of this grassland. This is where the best natural pasture and grassland original nomadic culture in China remains intact. We will stay and practice there for the day, returning to sleep in Hailar City.
  • 23 – 27 June: Travel and practice in Erguna Wetland, near the border with Russia. It’s the largest wetland in Asia. With the onset of summer, the Gen River, which flows through the wetland, gradually rises, flooding some of the river flats and plants. Trees and weeds also turn green as the temperature rises, and the whole wetland thrives. The scenery is beautiful against the distant blue sky.
  • 28 June – 1 July: Travel and practice in the Adute nomadic tribal area. Here we can experience traditional grasslands life.
  • 1 – 8 July: Travel and practice in the Nuogan Lake area. This beautiful area is made up of grassland, lakes and forest.
  • 8 July: Back to Hailar City. Rest and shopping.
  • 9 July: From Hailar International Airport (HLD), fly back to your country. We will take you to the airport.

How to get here

Hullunbuir is located in northeastern-most Inner Mongolia. The best way to get here is to come by plane. Find the most suitale flights to Hailar International Airport (HLD) and we pick you up and tak you to our hotel.
Please send us your flight information as soon you have booked your flight.

Important notes:

This Retreat is not suitable if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • A contagious disease
  • A mental health condition that requires monitoring
  • A critical illness

The maximum number for this retreat is 40 students.

The cut-off date to register is 30 April 2024.

The Weather in Hulunbuir during this journey

Summer is the best and most popular time to visit Hulunbuir. During your stay the daytime temperature in Hulunbuir will be 20~26 degrees Celsius. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 15 degrees Celsius and the early mornings will feel cool.

Please ensure you bring suitable clothing and footwear, along with an umbrella, sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen and insect repellent.


The best choice for the first two days and the last night in Hulunbuir is a hotel in the Hailar District, which is the city center and close to the airport.

On our travels we will always be stay in natural surroundings. Our hotel in the Erguna Wetland will have views over the area. In the Adute tribal area we will stay in Mongolian yurts; we will practice in the grasslands and experience the wonderful star-filled sky. And at Nuogan our hotel will also be amongst beautiful scenery.

Your teachers:


The total price is: 16800 RMB
– Includes tuition, food, room, transport, and tickets to different tourist attractions).
– The prices do not include any transfer fees.
– For a single room, there is an additional fee of 150 RMB per day.


Please contact Teacher Xi:

Please note:
200 Euro or 200 USD deposit to our bank account is required to complete your registration, or the equivalent in £ sterling.

The rest of the fee is payable in China. Depending on the current exchange rate, you can pay in RMB or your country’s currency. Or if you do not want to carry cash with you, you can forward the payment ahead of your travel. You must let us know and we will then inform you of the amount to be paid, in Euros, £ sterling or USDs, depending on the exchange rate at the time.


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